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Lakota Consulting LLC  

Company Description

Lakota Consulting LLC assists with projects by providing timely, accurate, and cost efficient professional cultural liaison services within the environmental and archaeological planning services professions.  We can assist your company in the office and/or field for internal and/or external clientele. Our methods involve the application of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria as required by the various professional services provided to clients.

Lakota Consulting LLC staff have previous experience working as a field archaeologist and a tribal liaison.  That work includes meeting with clients in the office and field.  We are skilled in file searches, report writing, editing, site forms, burial recovery, monitoring and conducting Class I-III cultural resources inventories across North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana.  This work encompasses all areas of cultural resource management field work and organization of data and carrying forth the requirements of the contractual agreements.  As a Native American with experience working as an archaeologist in the context of surveying each of the sites within various project areas we can assist as a cultural liaison between company archaeologists and tribal monitors.  The skills, knowledge and abilities make it possible to work on projects with both the archaeologists and tribal monitors performing the required pedestrian surveys and identifying both historic archaeological sites and Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs) both within and outside of reservation boundaries.  Some of this work would include recording stone circles and cairns, identifying burials (both pre-historic and historic) that might be intact or exposed, Knife River flint sites, etc.  As a cultural liaison working with the archaeologists and monitors on projects while performing the Class III cultural resource inventories has provided expertise and a background in cultural resource management, Section 106, NAGPRA, NEPA and federal Indian law cases surrounding both archaeological sites and TCPs.   We are committed to upholding the ethical and policy guidelines as stated in NRHP, NAGPRA, NEPA, and ARPA.

As such, as a Native American archaeologist I find that these are congruent with my spiritual and cultural belief system as I apply it to my daily life and work values.  With this in mind I would be committed to playing an important role as a cultural liaison with your company.  I can assist the project manager archaeologist while being familiar with the cultural life ways of the various cultural groups in the region.  As a Lakota, I can speak with and be helpful to the tribal monitors as the work is performed in the project area and be a resource for them as a member of the field work team.  As a spiritual person I can make offerings and take steps to be respectful to the potential remains that may be encountered during the pedestrian survey and at known sites.  I can also be helpful to the archaeological staff in bettering understanding some of the specific cultural and spiritual significance to sites and remains when located.

Cultural resources inventories, Background and archival research, Mitigation Solutions, Cultural Resource Monitoring, Memoranda of Agreement / Understanding, Section 106 consultations and compliance, Laboratory processing and artifact analysis, Archaeology Surveys
Location/Contact Information
P.O. Box 7296
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Contact: Kelly Morgan

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